On Oct. 5, I read with interest the announcement that the Canyons Board of Education had approved bonuses of $1,000 to all full time Canyons employees ("Canyon School Board announces employee bonuses").

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There is nothing so troubling to any governing body as the law of unintended consequences. While there are many dedicated teachers who pay for needed supplies out of their own pockets and justly deserve a bonus, this budget surplus has come at a terrible cost for special education services in Canyons School District. Under the aegis of saving money, teaching positions, support staff and essential services have been cut to levels that make the classroom environment unsafe for students and teachers alike. The personal cost of the physical and mental stress to them has been incalculable.

If Canyons wishes to be known as a "district of distinction," it should not be a distinction based on policies that negatively impact its most vulnerable students.

John Bennett