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Philippe Antonello
Juliet (Hailee Steinfeld) looks down from the balcony when Romeo calls out for her from below in "Romeo and Juliet."

Romeo and Juliet’: 3 points for parents

  • Violence/gore: This is standard fare for a Shakespearean tragedy. Street fighting in this period consists of swordplay and stabbings. Terse words are spoken between enemies and there are threats to women. Some blood is shown, but from under a body. Suicide is portrayed.
  • Nudity/sensuality: Occurs in one scene when the lovers meet after they are married. Romeo and Juliet are in bed and disrobing each other. Romeo ends up shirtless and they embrace and kiss with his hands very low on her body. They fall to the bed and the scene ends. They awake in bed together.
  • Drinking: During a feast wine is consumed. Two men are drinking and drunk as they search for Romeo.

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