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David Goldman, AP
Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann.

The wife of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be on the next New York Times best-seller list with her new book, "The Romney Family Table."

Deseret Book, which owns the Shadow Mountain imprint that published "The Romney Family Table," confirmed the book will debut at No. 14 in the “Advice, How-to, and Miscellaneous” category that will be released Oct. 20.

Romney's cookbook, released earlier this month, has held Amazon’s top ranking in cookbooks and was No. 10 in all books just one day after the launch. The title also reached No. 1 on Bookscan’s list of bestselling cookbooks one week later.

“The positive reaction to this book suggests that Ann Romney’s message and practical know-how about bringing families together around the family table is resonating across the country with people who love their families and who appreciate ideas about how to create lasting memories and traditions,” said Sheri Dew, president and CEO, in a statement provided by Deseret Book.

The book contains a blend of family stories, homegrown traditions and more than 125 recipes.

Romney appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night and talked about why she published the book.

"I have all these boys. They got married and these traditions were going to be lost," she told Jay Leno. "One of my sons said, 'Mom you're a great cook. Why don't you just do a cookbook?' It's the furthest thing from politics. It's all about happy things and love and bringing people to the table and conversation, all these good things that maybe we're lacking a little bit in Washington."

Romney's book was also recently featured in the Deseret News. Romney said she learned to cook from watching her mother and grandmother in the kitchen.

“They set the standard pretty high,” Romney told the Deseret News. “But beyond that, it was the feelings that I had — the comfort and the security — that's what got into my bones as a young girl, and seeing how important it was to bring people to the table and to make those opportunities of sharing love and sharing friendship and sharing life at the table.”

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