Democracy is founded on the principle of opposing ideas being debated and discussed with the hope that consideration of various viewpoints will result in an overall better decision.

However, the current environment of polarization is not debate and is not productive — it is elitism and self-righteousness. And I ask you, are you thinking right now, well this writer does not know the score — he does not know how things are done in Washington. Well maybe so, but I would take a little common sense right now more than all your rarified Washington air and arrogance.

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Those of us that are common folk learned early in life that we do not always get our own way. The majority of events in our lives occur without our input or support. We have learned how to move on and figure it out, how to make the best of the hand we have been dealt. We do not spend our days tilting at windmills. We ask how we can make this work.

And after years of toiling to make ends meet we find ourselves emotional hostages to the circus of Congress as you constantly play brinkmanship with the economy and subsequently our retirement savings. Such behavior is great fuel for the notion of term limits.

We have seen your new clothes, and your nakedness is not a pretty sight. We challenge you to step up and show us some leadership.

Mark Skidmore

Fruit Heights