I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling abandoned by my government. I am disheartened by the shutdown and the theatrical and wasteful build-up. And I’m just as worried about Utah’s government, from the Legislature to the governor to state agencies. Who is there to protect us from the evil ones who would make big profits at the expense of our air, water and our health? We all know the litany of examples of local polluters making the headlines.

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One example that awakens me at night: Over the next 60 days a judge in the 7th District Court in Price will decide the case that may determine if Utah is the target for a nuclear power development. The case was litigated on the basis of water rights, but for me I see it in more human terms — huge profit for a handful of investors versus water for 200,000 people. Not to mention the impact on the farmers who will be needed to grow food for Utah, four endangered species of fish and those of us who recreate on the Green River.

In our business-friendly state, I wonder who will step up to protect us?

Mary Ellen Nevas