I would like to sincerely request and perhaps remind others that the women who demanded entrance into the Latter-day Saint priesthood session do not speak for me. I have not voted or elected them to any position to act in my behalf. In future interviews, I would kindly ask that they make it clear they are speaking for themselves and no one else.

I also express my sincere sadness that they feel the need to do this. It seems to me that they have fallen prey to one of the great lies of our generation. To be equal does not mean to be the same. 7+3=10 and 5+5=10. They are equal, but not the same.

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It makes me sad to see them holding men up as a measurement of their worth. There are so many fabulous things about being a woman. There are so many responsibilities that we hold. There is so much good we can do. It may not always be publicly acknowledged, but that does not diminish our worth. I think of the many leaders in the LDS church who are men and they all have or have had a wonderful woman by their side. I am sure they would tell you that without her they could not have accomplished all that they have.

Amanda Bell

Oakdale, Calif.