The shutdown of government was so unnecessary.

The president said he is not willing to negotiate — period. That means that even the most reasonable requests — that he delay Affordable Health Care for one year while the system is refined and so that every American citizen be subject to the laws, without exception, including Congress, unions and government workers — are being ignored. These requests seem pretty reasonable to me but not our president.

And as to the budget, the president is not willing to make any cuts even though the U.S. has to borrow money to continue operating. So who is unreasonable? It sounds as if it might be our president. Why isn't he eliminating duplications in services and cutting a percent or two from every department's budget. This would at least show some effort. He calls a meeting to negotiate but in advance tells everyone he is not willing to negotiate. Does this sound like a leader? Does this sound presidential? I am so sad with what is happening in our great country of America.

Darlene Bennett

Salt Lake City