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Photo shown during Elder Nielsen's talk

“We need to be engaged as never before,” Elder S. Gifford Nielsen of the Seventy said during the Saturday afternoon session of general conference.

“President Thomas S. Monson, once again this morning, has called each one of us to a very important work. He said, ‘Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together, to work together, to labor in the Lord’s vineyard to bring souls unto Him.’ Have we been listening?” Elder Nielsen asked.

All over the world stakes, districts and missions are experiencing a new level of energy, he said. Members have an important role in that energy, helping to fulfill the Savior’s declaration to Joseph Smith in 1832 when he said, “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:72-73).

“When I played football I thought in terms of game plans,” Elder Nielsen said. “There was no question going into a contest that if our team was prepared with the right plays, we were going to be successful. …

“Since we are all on the Lord’s team, do we each have our own winning game plan? Are we ready to play? If we as members really loved our family, friends, and associates, wouldn’t we want to share our testimony of the restored gospel with them?”

Church members need to be engaged as never before to match the excitement of leaders and committed full-time missionaries.

“This work is not going to move forward in the Lord’s intended way without us!” he said.

Elder Nielsen shared three points to consider when putting together a personal “game plan.”

First, specifically pray to bring someone closer to the Savior and His gospel every day. “You can do this by seeing everyone as sons and daughters of God helping each other on their journey home,” he said. “Think of the new friends you would make.”

Second, pray for the missionaries serving in local areas and their investigators by name every day. “The only way to do this is to greet them, look at their badge, call them by name and ask them who they are teaching.”

Third, invite a friend to an activity in or to your home. “Wherever you go or whatever you do, ponder who would enjoy the occasion and then listen to the Spirit as He directs you,” Elder Nielsen said.

It is through developing and carrying out a personal "game plan" that members will be able to serve with enthusiasm and answer the prophet’s call to bring souls unto the Lord.