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I didn’t dream it would be this high-scoring on either side of the ball. They had us baffled defensively. We were just fortunate to answer all the time on offense and get a few turnovers. —Mike Miller, Riverton head coach

RIVERTON — Riverton and Lehi delivered the type of game Friday that offensive coordinators dream about enjoying. But at the same time, it was the stuff of nightmares for defensive coaches.

“I didn’t dream it would be this high scoring on either side of the ball,” said Riverton head coach Mike Miller after the Silverwolves beat the Pioneers 71-50. “They had us baffled defensively. We were just fortunate to answer all the time on offense and get a few turnovers.”

Both teams ran the ball so well the other team's defense just couldn’t seem to compete. Lehi finished with 474 rushing yards, averaging 7.3 yards per carry, while Riverton amassed 570 rushing yards on 47 total attempts. That worked out to an average of 12.1 yards per carry, with the longest run coming in at 68 yards.

Riverton had three different running backs with more than 100 yards rushing.

“As long as we keep our tempo up, nobody can really stop us,” said left guard McKay Clarke. “We felt like Coach Miller could call any play and we could execute it to perfection, no matter what it was, no matter who was defending us, no matter who was running the ball.”

For starting running back Cameron Christensen, it was like Christmas had come early.

“It’s a running back's dream,” said Christensen, who scored three touchdowns. “Just going through that hole and knowing your lineman is going to make that pick just right.”

He said his team's linemen have great chemistry, great technique and a desire to play hard every down.

“They don’t necessarily have to be faster, just get a good block on them,” Christensen said. “it’s fun, just going back and forth. ... It’s why you play it.”

Caden Jones scored two touchdowns for the Silverwolves, while Ryan Absher scored two touchdowns for Lehi. There were only 13 passes between both teams in the entire game.

Miller said he’s not sure why his defense couldn’t stop Lehi’s offense. Lehi’s leading rusher, Caden Calton, finished with more than 250 yards rushing and scored four touchdowns.

“I think they do a great job at what they’re doing,” he said. “They grind; they see things; and they make it work. My hat's off to them. I think they do a very good job.”

He said both teams played a similar style of offense.

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“The philosophy in both offenses is the same,” Miller said. “I believe in this type of offense (wing-T), obviously, because it’s what I’ve done my whole career as a head coach. It’s based on deception.”

As far as fixing the defensive issues, Miller isn’t really worried.

“We’ve got to watch film, see where things occurred,” he said. “I’ve got a great defensive staff, and I’m totally confident in them being able to take this film and digest it. They’ll figure out what we need to do to get better.”

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