The American people have a wonderful tendency to come together in times of disaster or trial. People all over the country, and even the world, come together to help victims of natural disasters, shootings, earthquakes, etc., because we are caring, giving, compassionate people.

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If this government shutdown continues, there will be people who will be hurting. Instead of pointing fingers, blaming and complaining, let's pull together and help each other. If you know someone on WIC who is hungry, take them to the grocery store. If you know someone who is furloughed and can't fill their gas tank, take them to the gas station. Let's fill the food banks. Let's contribute to the Salvation Army or any of the many other humanitarian organizations. Let's set the example to the "children" in Washington, D.C., of how adults should behave.

Wouldn't it be interesting if we not only did not fall apart during this debacle, but actually thrived and became better people for it? Let's pull together and be the great nation that we can be even though our so-called leaders are not.

Lorinda Atwater

Fruit Heights