Carolyn Kaster, File, Associated Press
President Barack Obama

Since the Republicans only control one-third of the government and the Democrats with two-thirds are totally dug in and unwilling to compromise in any way, I think the only choice the Republicans have is to let Obmacare play out and demonstrate what a train wreck disaster it will certainly be. Continuing to try to reach a compromise position as simple even as delaying the individual mandate will only inflict more pain as the shutdown continues.

Obama thinks the Republicans will be blamed, and the supine mainstream press will certainly tout that position. Since the Democrats are so intractably demanding all or nothing, the only choice for the Republicans is to let the train wreck happen, pick up the pieces, and elect a Republican House and Senate in 2014 and a Republican president in 2016. Obama will veto any bill that doesn't maintain 100 percent of Obamacare, as that will be his only accomplishment during his term in office. I think he will end up with a very tarnished legacy.

We can change and fix Obamacare after the Republicans gain more control of the government. Until then, the country will pay the price.

Unfortunately, the same holds true for the debt ceiling contest in a couple of weeks.

J. Brent Adair