Terry Marasco ("Wow, Utah made it in the Top 4," Sept. 26) and fellow doom distributors (Utah Moms for Clean Air and Utah Clean Air Alliance) might consider the old maxim "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

In the latest published reports from National Program of Cancer Registries, a section of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Utah has the second lowest cancer incidence, minimally exceeding Arizona. Death rates per 100,000 are even more impressive with Utah at 127 followed by Hawaii and Arizona at 144 and 147 respectively. American Cancer Society projections show cancer incidence and death rates lowest in Utah, followed by Colorado and New Mexico. Cancer scares aside, statements of “fact” should be accurate. Ozone, for instance, may be irritating and possibly related to bronchial disease but no carcinogenicity has been demonstrated in multiple animal studies.

While most people would choose to breathe pristine air, most would not choose to forgo air conditioning and other modern marvels. Certainly, if we all traded our autos for horses, the air might improve, but we might soon be up to our waists in waste.

Margaret Waterfall