The family-friendly movie review site, Ok.com, celebrates its one year anniversary this month.
I love ok.com because I can see what people think about movies, and I can share my opinion about the movies I see. I love sharing my thoughts! —Adam Smart

This month the family-friendly movie review site ok.com is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Ok.com is a simple way parents can connect with others who share similar values, and it provides a platform for them to discuss which movies are appropriate for what age and whether a movie is worth watching.

The site's description says: "Think of it as a personal MPAA system you share with friends, one that places you in full control. Result: more good, less bad."

Although the site is fairly new, many have gravitated toward it because of its unique features.

"I use ok.com because I like to see what people like me think about movies," Adam Smart said. "It is nice to have an opinion beyond that of a movie critic.

"I also like the information I can get on a movie's content because the MPAA rating system can be very vague. A big reason I use ok.com is to rate and review the movies I see, to help others get an idea of what movies to watch or not."

Another user expressed his appreciation for the option to get a detailed movie review that is relevant to him as a parent.

"Ok.com is easy to navigate," Toby Price said. "Plus, I like it because it's set up for parents just like me."

"It's important because I don't want my kids to be exposed to things they may not be able to handle yet. They are young and may not understand everything in a film."

One thing that sets ok.com apart is its ability to provide detailed information for users regarding a film's content, rather than simply relating the official rating.

"In many cases, movie ratings do not always provide me with a clear-cut answer as to whether the content in a film could be offensive. I have seen many PG-13-rated films that had more offensive content in them than many R-rated films that I have seen," Jeremy Macey said.

"In order to have a better understanding of what is in the film and to see what others think about the content in the film, I go to ok.com. Many of the users break down the content in the film (in addition to reviewing the film) and give tips to parents and others about what to expect if they do see it. It has helped me avoid films that I otherwise would have seen because I have known ahead of time that the content would offend me."

The movie review site offers many features, such as a personal rating system, a worth-your-time rating system, an age-appropriate scale and movie recommendations, as well as a movie locator feature for resources such as Netflix or Redbox.

"I really like the 'What would you rate it?' scale. It is based on the MPAA rating system, but it has a lot of in-between values too," Smart said. "That way I can see if a PG-13-rated film tips more toward the PG or the R rating on the scale."

Overall, the site is not only a way for viewers to prepare before watching a film, but it's a way to connect with others and create friendships around the love of movies.

"I love ok.com because I can see what people think about movies, and I can share my opinion about the movies I see," Smart said. "I love sharing my thoughts!"

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