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This new Twitter account is offending users with tweets that critics say fall short of funny.

Being famous obliterates the shield of anonymity that protects most of us from scrutiny, ridicule and disrespect on a large scale. But being a cultural icon and historical hero makes you a target.

A new Twitter account called "Hipster Anne Frank" has attempted to parody the girl's tragic life by tweeting would-be contemporary commentary from Frank as she hid from Nazis in World War II Germany. Jewish publication Haaretz says that the account "isn’t funny in the least."

The feed features tweets such as:

My skinny jeans are the skinniest.

— Hipster Anne Frank (@HipstrAnneFrank) Sept. 23, 2013

Does anyone know how to turn off the location finder on the new #iPhone7?

— Hipster Anne Frank (@HipstrAnneFrank) Sept. 25, 2013

A bio reads "bestselling memoirist / loft dweller / voice of a generation" as it attempts to use a recurring joke in the HBO show "Girls" about a memoir speaking to an entire age group, even tweeting at star Lena Dunham.

Where was my $3.7 million advance? @lenadunham

— Hipster Anne Frank (@HipstrAnneFrank) Sept. 24, 2013

"I fear that this kind of tasteless misappropriation of Anne Frank’s memory and legacy, and that of other historical personalities, will only increase now that people can hide behind Twitter handles," the Haaretz article said.

The account only had 50 followers when the Haaretz piece was published, but since being picked up by Time, which said "The real problem is the jokes aren’t even funny, just offensive," and The Atlantic Wire, the account has more than 130 followers.

"Pray that it will just go away," Alexander Abad-Santos wrote at The Atlantic Wire.