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"Isabelle Webb: The Grecian Princess" is N.C. Allen's new novel.

"ISABELLE WEBB: The Grecian Princess," by N.C. Allen, Covenant Communications, $17.99, 289 pages (f)

Nearly two years after the release of her previous Isabelle Webb adventure, Nancy Allen has released the third and final book in her Isabelle Webb series. “The Grecian Princess” is the capstone in this chain of books featuring the audacious Pinkerton spy and her friends.

Having tracked a legendary and powerful stone across the globe, Isabelle Webb and her associates are astonished when they learn that instead of one stone there are three: the stone of Poseidon, the stone of Zeus and the stone of Hades.

With one stone in their possession and another in the clutches of a devious treasure hunter, Isabelle’s group — which includes her gallant fiancé, James — journeys to Greece to seek the final stone.

Unfortunately, Isabelle is not the only one hunting for the stones. Besides her past enemies from the malevolent group, The Federation, Isabelle also encounters a new foe in the form of a secret society bent on obtaining the stones for its own gain. Each group is unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to be the first to find the stones.

Events soon spiral out of control, splitting Isabelle’s group and weaving kidnapping, theft and murder into the treasure hunt. Isabelle must trust her instincts and rely on her training as she works to protect the fate of the world through this, her final expedition.

Isabelle is an endearing character full of fire and spunk. She is thoughtful and devious, but also incredibly tender and protective when it comes to those she cares for.

Her supporting cast is mottled with a handful of intriguing characters, each with charms and quirks that add to the taste of the story. Together they create an appealing if sometimes peculiar crew that works together for the good of all.

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The story itself is well-maneuvered, allowing readers to easily fall into it. Allen’s strength is in the layout of the tale, and she wisely built her books around a powerful character who easily supports the action.

Two of Allen’s main characters, James and Phillip Ashby, were raised in Utah and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, although that fact does not influence the story in any way.

Parents can feel comfortable handing this book to their children due to the absence of any foul language, sexuality or graphic violence.

Melissa DeMoux is a stay-at-home mother of six young children who lives in West Valley City. Her email is mddemoux@gmail.com and she blogs about her adventures in motherhood at demouxfamily.blogspot.com.