I read with interest the letter from Thomas Rust about his caucus experience. It represents one of an insider — a caucus representative. Naturally, one of those selected would want to preserve the system because of all the attention and exposure they get.

Let me give you my experience. I attended a neighborhood caucus meeting out of curiosity. I thought we were going to be able to provide input, have dialogue about positions and candidates. Instead we ended up electing people to represent me.

Each person who wanted to be a representative gave a 30-second speech. We then voted for individuals to attend the county meeting. Really? I had to select a person who I knew nothing about; nothing about their opinions and trust how they will vote? I had little or no time to vet these people. I felt like I was being discounted or that my opinion on primary candidates did not count. At least in a primary, where I can vote on any candidate, I can take time to truly understand all the candidates, and I get to vote how I want to. My vote counts.

I have lived in other states and prefer a primary where I can study all the candidates and decide on a candidate I prefer versus having someone I do not know decide that for me.

Kevin Moffitt