As a family we have become increasingly concerned at the way the case against Attorney General John Swallow is being handled. Listening to the rhetoric coming from our representatives, we are beginning to wonder who, or what, they represent. It seems to have become more of a vindictive witch hunt, motivated by political agendas, rather than a search for the real truth. He has been cleared by the federal investigation and from what we can observe, the so called remaining charges seem to be coming from those who have a political agenda for getting John Swallow out of office.

As a people we should be able to trust the political process. We are not sure that we have this trust as we watch our current representatives justify spending huge amounts of our money, the people’s money, to duplicate work that has already been done, while catering to special interest groups intent on getting John Swallow out of the way. We do not believe that truth is what they are after.

We feel it is time to clean house and begin again with those who are willing to truly represent us, rather than serve their own political agendas.

Sid and Sandy Stock