I don't want to be the stereotype, but my co-worker talking about her latest affair actually makes me really uncomfortable.

Dear Angela,

I have a co-worker who is constantly talking about her latest love affair. When I say “love affair” I mean literally she is having an affair and her husband has no idea. She has mentioned to me several times that she hopes I’m not like “other Mormons” who are too prude to talk about the facts of life (facts of life being that people have extra-marital affairs). Those are her words not mine. But, to be honest, even I (and I do consider myself to be pretty liberal) don’t want to listen to stories of someone cheating on her husband. How can I communicate this to her without becoming the stereotypical Mormon in her eyes?



Dear Help,

I’m sure there is a more delicate way to say this, but I think this woman’s opinion of you should be No. 5,786,000 on your list of things to worry about. After all, she's got her hands full.

Tell her straight up, “Hey, what you do in your life is your business, but I don’t like hearing about it. Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

Then if you feel like it, strike up a new conversation about something totally different so it doesn't feel awkward, either way be specific about how you're not into that type of conversation.

Also, don’t let people bully you with this line of "you're so prude" talk. If not being cool with adultery makes you a “stereotypical Mormon” then embrace the stereotype.



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