Photo via former BYU player David Nixon's Twitter handle, @D_Nixon
A big BYU flag is held up by a crane off I-15.

This week, there is no shortage of Utahns displaying their true colors.

Whether they are a fan of the Utes or Cougars, people all around the state — as well as some who are out of state but have ties to the rivalry — have gotten into the spirit of rivalry week.

With this being the final BYU-Utah game until the two teams meet again in 2016 — the first break in the rivalry since World War II — fans have gone to great lengths to show their school spirit.

Some fans adorned their school's apparel; others turned their lawns into a work of art.

Businesses around the state have become a friendly war zone, with blue and red banter dominating the week.

And plenty of fans have turned to Twitter to display their colors.

One of the most extreme cases of school spirit hit the sky late in the week, when a crane was used to unfurl a gigantic BYU flag just off I-15 in Sandy.

Here's a look at some of the things BYU and Utah fans have tweeted out this week, in anticipation of Saturday's clash:

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