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"Battle of the Ampere" is the third book in Richard Paul Evans' Michael Vey series.

Michael Vey fans, take heart, "Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere" (Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink, $17.99, ages 10-15) is not the last book of a trilogy.

It's Book 3 of a seven-book series.

So Vey, the electrically charged hero of the popular youth stories, lives on and comes out of the deep jungle to take on those he's enraged as he's escaped. He gathers the Electroclan back together and doggedly pursues answers and some justice in Peru.

Author Richard Paul Evans said the evil Dr. Hatch has "gone completely rogue" in this book.

"All of the advance readers — and we had two dozen — said this was their favorite of the Michael Vey books," Evans told the Deseret News recently.

It's also more emotionally involving, said the author. "The first two boys who read the book cried."

Evans said there are actually three storylines going on in the book, which was released Sept. 17. Dr. Hatch is poised to take over the world. Vey is lost and assumed dead in the jungle. His friends are scattered. The Elgen — who are a power-hungry society — are gathering themselves for a final push for world domination.

Evans said there's lots of action and tension.

"You're really seeing the kids tested in this book. They're about ready to snap. You're seeing real dissension," Evans said.

He's pleased with the story's progress and believes as the books tell Vey's story, his audience grows along with Vey.

"It started out with too many adults (as reader fans)," Evans explained. "Parents and grandparents were giving it to their kids, and what kid wants to read something their parents like?"

The core audience for the Michael Vey series is settling in at ages 10-15, he said, but it's a readable book for adults as well.

The 50-year-old LDS author who has now finished 25 books in several genres — he has a new non-fiction book coming out in November and the fifth book in his Walk series coming out in the spring — and signed more than 1,300 Michael Vey posters at the recent Comic Con event in Salt Lake City.

Evans said he's meeting more "Veyniacs" all the time.

The books have been nominated for a number of important awards including: the Outstanding Teen book of 2011 for Amazon, the award winner for Nevada Young Readers, The International Reading Association Young Adult's Choice Award, inclusion on the Sequoyah Book Award Master List and Young Hoosier Book Award Master List.

He's getting calls about turning the Michael Vey story into a movie.

"We've not gotten the offer we want yet," Evans said. "We're taking our time. This one will come in its own time."

The third book answers some questions as the electric children try to reach Vey's mother, escape from Hatch's clutches and attempt to take down the Elgen fleet of superboats from which the Elgen run their operation.

It also raises the question of what will happen if Hatch figures out how to create electrically talented children.

It's an action-filled story, but Evans is able to maintain a sense of reality during the journey.

The story has clean language and no sexual innuendo. The violence, including exposions and zapping, is mildly described.

The electric kids still eat and sleep, get tired, get grumpy and form strong relationships, some things often bypassed in novels about young heroes.

It makes for a worthwhile read, and Vey is an example of strength, courage, brains and honor without becoming a cartoon.

He's a powerful role model (pun intended).

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'Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere'

This is the book trailer of "Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere" by local author Richard Paul Evans.

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