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Annette Lyon's "Chocolate Obsessed" is one of the six romantic suspense novellas in the "A Timeless Romance Anthology: Autumn Collection."

"A TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY: Autumn Collection," by Heather Horrocks, Stephanie Black, Heather B. Moore, Sarah M. Eden, Rachelle J. Christensen and Annette Lyon, Mirror Press, $4.99, 193 pages (f)

Just in time for fall, six locally loved authors have produced a collection of romantic suspense novellas which will tingle the spine and thrill the heart. Rounding out the fourth of the four-season series, “A Timeless Romance Anthology: Autumn Collection” is a delightful harvest read.

Experienced “Romance Anthology” veterans Heather Moore, Sarah Eden and Annette Lyon have returned once again to add their flair to this collection. They are joined by Heather Horrocks, Stephanie Black and Rachelle Christensen, whose writing styles enhance the book. Together these half-dozen sisters in story have created an appetizing piece for their readers to enjoy.

Sprinkled with uncertain heroines and intriguing situations, this assemblage of tales certainly has something to engage any reader. The characters range from gardeners and mechanics to college students and spies, and the settings wander from the streets of Jerusalem to a New York City chocolate convention. As it is a collection, some stories will likely stand out over others for individual readers, but each story has merit of its own.

While still seasoned with the tang of romance, these accounts open a new spectrum to readers as a dash of mystery is added to thicken the plots. A couple of the sagas do stutter a bit in the suspense department, but overall the work is charming and easily consumed. Readers of the previous three volumes in the series will enjoy a new flavor in this most recent compilation.

Although the stories are romantically charged, they are kept simple and clean. As with the other installments in the series, this book is free from graphic sexuality, explicit innuendo or coarse language. The stories are sweet and appropriate for romantic readers of any age.

This work is available as an e-book on the Kindle or Nook platform.

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