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Mike McCoy. Deseret Morning News Archives. 1993
Time flies by. It’s amazing how quickly it goes. That seems like yesterday. —San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, on leading the Utes to 34-31 victories over BYU in 1993 and '94

SALT LAKE CITY — Considering Utah had won just one of the previous 14 games against BYU two decades ago, it’s surprising anyone thought the Utes could win — including their quarterback.

But there it was.

Mike McCoy, who led Utah to 34-31 wins over BYU in 1993-94, is now head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

“Time flies by. It’s amazing how quickly it goes. That seems like yesterday,” he said in a telephone interview on Thursday.

Whatever fueled him to become a head coach in the NFL must have been present then, because he claims he was confident in his team’s ability.

“I think even in 1993-94 we had a lot of confidence in the players that were there,” McCoy said. “It was a good football team, well-coach. Coach (Ron) McBride was a leader and we believed in what we had planned. We had no doubt we were going to win those games.”

McCoy took over the Chargers this year after Norv Turner was fired following a 7-9 season. They lost their opener against Houston by three points but beat Philadelphia by the same margin.

Though McCoy doesn’t closely follow his college team, for obvious reasons, he was aware on Thursday that this is rivalry week. He noted that the 34-31 score of both the ’93 and ’94 games “comes up often whenever the (rivalry) game comes around.”

Asked where he thinks the Utah-BYU rivalry is headed, in light of a two-year layoff before resuming in 2016, he said he doesn’t know all the nuances, but added, “I’m not sure why it would get any smaller. For true Ute fans, besides the other fans down south, it’s always a big game, speaking for Utah.”

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