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The hit reality show "Duck Dynasty" has become known for much more than its duck calls. Since the first season of the show aired last year, the Robertson family has been outspoken about their Christian beliefs and family values.

That's why it wasn't surprising when 16-year-old Sadie Robertson, daughter of Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson, announced that her new fashion line would include dresses that met specific modesty standards and were "daddy-approved."

The 16-year-old collaborated with top designer Sherri Hill and debuted the new collection last week during New York Fashion Week. Hill told ABC News that the dresses represent the styles Sadie enjoys wearing while also maintaining the standards Sadie has set for herself.

"It's gotta be long enough ... the finger-tip rule," she told US magazine. "Everything modest up here," Sadie said in reference to the neck line.

Although Sadie was working with Hill throughout the design process, Sadie explained that alterations still had to be made to some of the dresses to receive the Robertson family stamp of approval.

"Me and my mother and my grandma went to Sherri Hill's place, and we all picked out 'daddy approved' length," Sadie told Fox News. "She also added a couple inches to some that we loved but weren't modest."

A similar situation arose during the first season of "Duck Dynasty" in an episode titled "Duck be a lady." During the episode, Robertson and his wife Kori made sure they both approved of their daughter's choice in formal wear for a dance. After viewing some of his daughter's options, Robertson commented on the limited number of appropriate dresses she had to choose from.

"Who's making dresses for school girls these days, 14-year-old boys?" Robertson said in the episode.

Since Sadie's collaboration with Hill, Robertson has continued to be in the discussion and support his daughter in her choice to model and design appropriate dresses. Which is exactly what a father should do, according to Tammy Gold, a parenting expert for MommyCoach.com.

"It is so important to get your parents involved in how you dress," Gold said on "Good Morning America." "Studies show that girls that have a strong self have a nice and close relationship with their dad."

As the A&E show continues to receive attention, Robertson addressed concerns about the impact the limelight could have on his children.

"It's tough. You know, the whole world is different now, so everyone knows who you are," he told Fox News. "It wasn't the way we were raised because we were raised really poor so nobody knew who we were. We'll put it in the Lord's hands so we'll see what happens."

Many have labeled Sadie a role model for younger girls in a world where celebrities worthy of emulation are few and far between.

"I think that this is a terrific role model," Gold also said regarding Sadie on "Good Morning America."

When it comes to the potential for Sadie to become a troubled teen star, fans think she seems to have her head on straight.

"This is the type of girl that our kids should be looking up to ... not Miley Cyrus. Sadie would be a much better role model," Katrina Bozeman posted on Facebook.

Sadie also addressed Cyrus in an interview with Fox News.

"My family has been praying for her (Miley Cyrus') family," Sadie told Fox News. "We feel very bad for her because we know how entertainment can get wrapped up in your head. We try to stay strong as a family. We just pray that their family comes back together."

The teen star has also recently started her own YouTube channel with Kolby Koloff titled "The New Different." The two teens conduct a short Monday night devotional where advice is given and scriptures are read, all promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Sadie shared one of the first episodes on Twitter to her 634,000 followers stating, "Get the word out about the you-tube show the new different tonight!!!! A message y'all need to hear!"

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