SALT LAKE CITY — Rocky Mountain Power is offering incentives for recycling old refrigerators and freezers.

The company’s "See ya later, refrigerator" program provides free pickup plus a $30 cash incentive when you recycle an old fridge or freezer. The service is available to communities served by Rocky Mountain Power across Utah.

Rocky Mountain Power said a 25-year-old fridge uses up to 1,400 kilowatt-hours annually, while a new model uses between 400 and 500 kWh.

The company said customers can save up to $150 a year in energy costs and help the region meet growing energy demands. Recycling 2,000 fridges, for example, would save enough energy to power 1,190 homes for a month. A final tally will be revealed at the end of the roundup, spotlighting the communities that recycled the most.

About 95 percent of the components of old refrigerators and freezers will be repurposed into items like new appliances and computers, potting soil, asphalt, rebar and even electricity, Rocky Mountain Power said.

All Rocky Mountain Power residential customers are eligible for the "See ya later, refrigerator" program. Refrigerators or freezers must be in working condition and be a minimum of 10 cubic feet in size based on inside measurements to qualify. Call toll free 1-866-899-5539 to schedule a free pickup. For details on how to earn cash back on a new energy-efficient fridge, visit