Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
BYU fans cheer during the game as BYU and Notre Dame play Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 in South Bend.

PROVO — Ah, BYU fans. One moment they are down and depressed, calling for the coach’s job, 550 yards later they are celebrating like it is 1984.

Yes, days after BYU’s utterly disappointing performance in the Cougar’s season opener against Virginia, fans were understandably bitter. Offensive coordinator Robert Anae’s debut of the highly anticipated “Go Fast, Go Hard” mantra was — in reality — rather slow in scoring points and overall hard to view.

Then the Longhorns arrived and, like the storm that shook the stadium and provided another game day of delays, quarterback Taysom Hill and the Cougars sent the Longhorns back to Texas without their top 25 ranking and their defensive coordinator.

Fans can be viewed as the “invisible hand” that prompts coaching changes and gives backup quarterbacks hope for playing time. As such, taking a look back at the good and the bad of BYU’s passionate fan base is worthwhile.

What are the best and worst moments in BYU fan history? Let's take a closer look.

Dave Gillespie earned his bachelor degree in history from the University of Texas-Pan American in 2011. While working in the past as a sports editor in Texas, he currently works as the world geography instructor at IDEA College Prep in Pharr, Texas.