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Susan Jorgensen
Our two daughters Sierra, 8, and Alexandra, 3, in front of the doors at the Salt Lake Temple on the day they were sealed to us — July 22, 2003.

During a dry summer in 2003, I was sealed for time and all eternity to an amazing man and two beautiful little girls in the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even though 10 years have passed since I entered the temple for the first time, the memories will always be etched in my heart.

Sweaty hands, feelings of excitement and my heart palpitating 100 miles an hour were sure signs I was at the right place at the right time. I knew this was where I needed to be, the place where I would be sealed to my family forever.

Endless mirrors surrounded the room as if it went on forever — and the sealing is forever; it's not "until death do you part."

Looking at our sealing family picture reminds me of simplicity, love, beauty, innocence and forever. I have a responsibility to help those who are on the other side, and each year I celebrate my sealing anniversary by attending the temple to seal other families forever. My family no longer lives in Utah, surrounded by the vast mountain area that houses at least 13 temples, but we have always managed to celebrate this special day by attending the temple, even if it's almost three hours away.

Temples bring knowledge, gifts, answers, peace, tears, joy, confidence and the will to become a better person. The feelings permeate my soul so strongly that I never want to lose sight, forget or let go. I am grateful to know there is a place to escape the noise of this world, albeit a beautiful world, even if for only a few hours. Doing so restores my sanity and patience and strengthens my faith. It helps my body feel rejuvenated and put together, and I become a better judge of character.

Another 10, 20, 30 years will fly by, and with fervent prayer, hope and faith, my feelings for the temple will never change. As the primary song "I Love to See the Temple" says, "the temple is a House of God, a place of love and beauty." I am eternally grateful for these beautiful buildings, each of which we call "the House of the Lord."

Rose Jorgensen is a mother of four who lives in Blackwood, N.J.