Is budgeting worth the hassle? It is if you do it right.

Learning to budget isn't easy, and living it once you have one can be even harder.

In fact only one in three Americans even bother budgeting at all. And who can blame them? Sometimes it seems like budgets function more as an unrealistic exercise in self-control than as a practical plan for a debt-free future.

Nonetheless, a disciplined budget — when used correctly — can make all the difference in a family’s financial stability.

The key ingredient in applying most budgets, however, isn’t discipline alone, but creativity.

That's why the Deseret News has spoken to three budgeting experts to help provide some tools and insights into not only creating a detailed budget, but living one as well.

Check out this slide show of ten unique tricks for living a practical budget.

JJ Feinauer is a graduate of Southern Virginia University and a content writer for the Moneywise page on Email:, Twitter: @jjfeinauer.