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Jason Mortensen has had many surgeries, five within the past six years, and his wife Candice Mortensen has been by his side throughout each one.

Although the couple most likely has the recovery process perfected by now, Mortensen's latest recovery came as a surprise to his wife and has gone viral on YouTube.

The video begins as Mortensen wakes up from anesthesia, expressing pain and then asking questions about his life.

"Did the doctor send you?" he asks his wife.

It was then that Candice Mortensen was able to learn her husband's true feelings about her after six years of marriage, as he believed he was seeing her for the first time.

"Man, you are eye candy," he says. "You may be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. Are you a model?"

Confused, Mortensen continues to question Candice.

"My name is Candice. I’m your wife," Candice Mortensen responds, much to Mortensen's surprise and excitement. After considering what this could possibly mean, Mortensen then lists off many more questions.

"How long? … Do we have children? … Man, have we kissed yet? … Do we call each other baby?"

Candice Mortensen tries to hold back her laughter as she reminds him that they have been married for a long time.

Starring at his wife in shock, Mortensen then asks to see her face more closely, to which he responds, "Wow, your teeth are perfect."

The three-minute video has more than 1 million views and has received many comments. Some viewers have been touched by his attraction to his wife, while others consider it a hoax.

"I find it pretty believable, but even if he faked it, he gets points for flirting with his wife," Joshua S. Murray commented.

Jimmy B. also commented on the whether the video was staged:

"He may be joking around with her, but he probably has no idea he's doing it. Just because he doesn't 'appear' sedated doesn't mean those drugs aren't still working," Jimmy B said.

Mortensen and his wife reside in Orem, Utah, where he is a vice president of sales and relations at Oltuse Pharmaceuticals, according to his Linkdin profile.

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