Penguin Young Readers Group
"Power to the Purple" is the second in the Ultra Violets series by Sophie Bell.

"THE ULTRA VIOLETS, No. 2: Power to the Purple," by Sophie Bell, Razorbill, $12.99, 336 pages (f) (ages 10-14)

Standing in the middle of the clubhouse, the Ultra Violets start their secret handshake: pinkie touch, hairbrush, twirl three times, bunny hop, cat claws, V's across your eyes, shoulder shimmy, hip shake, twirl three times, catch the bus, catwalk, V's to the sky!

Oh my Violet! It's a common phrase book 2 of the Ultra Violets series, "Power to the Purple!" In this installment, the three best friends have to go to even greater lengths to beat their former companion, Opal — even if that means crashing a party or revealing their identities. It involves a little bit of romance, too.

Back when they were 7, it all started with mysterious purple goo. All four girls — Iris, Opaline, Scarlet and Cheri — were splattered with it. The glop turned three of them (Iris, Scarlet and Cheri) into the Ultra Violets superheroes, but it made Opal evil.

Iris can change the color of anything and shoot ultraviolet light rays. Scarlet is an amazing dancer and has super strength. Cheri is a math genius and can talk to animals. These girls use their powers to do good and defeat bad guys, but Opal opposes them with her ability to shoot lightning bolts and fry brains. Yikes!

The author is Sophie Bell and she lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her superpowers of choice would be controlling the weather or flying around invisibly. She once actually had purple hair like the Ultra Violets, but it came at the price of $15 per hair extension. Her hobbies include collecting shoes and vintage clothes.

The illustrator is Ethan Beavers. The pictures in the book really add to the story and give a whole new perspective to the scenes. The illustrations are in purple, as is all the text. Power to the Purple!

"The Ultra Violets: Power to the Purple!" is a great book with a little bit of everything in it and something for everyone. It will appeal to kids, particularly girls, in the 10- to 14-year-old range. The third book in the series, "Lilac Attack," is planned for release next spring.

A fun part of reading "Power to the Purple!" is imagining which one of the powers would be the best to have. For example, it would be really cool to be an amazingly talented and powerful dancer like Scarlet. Which one of the four girls would you like to be?

Kate de Groote is in seventh grade.