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A Bonneville football running back was the recipient of the ultimate face mask violation during week one play against Viewmont. It is unclear, however, whether or not the penalty was called.

The running back in the video, who appears to be junior Bryan Burns, although not confirmed, had his helmet turned 180 degrees by the Viewmont defense. The player was blinded by his helmet, yet continued to run through the play and eventually was floored by the Viewmont defense.

It appears the running back probably should have taken a slide once he could no longer see, but he instead continued running. The play resulted in positive yardage.

The video went viral after Yahoo Sports picked it up, however the report was full of errors. The original report erroneously named the running back as a Viewmont player, incorrectly said the game was between Bountiful and Viewmont, and wrongfully stated the final score was 42-0 with the Vikings victorious.

Those facts were all wrong. The game was between Bonneville and Viewmont, not Bountiful and Viewmont. The running back definitely played for Bonneville, and the final score was 20-17 in favor of the Vikings.

It's a funny video nonetheless.

Whitney O'Bannon is a new media sports writer for the Deseret News. Follow on Twitter at @whitney_oban.