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Alec Cabrero, Deseret News
Oscar and Beverly Rowland were actors who lived at 1058 Third Ave. for almost 40 years. They collected a lot of stuff during that time. They passed away in 2010. Now their grandchildren are holding an estate sale to get rid of a lot of those items.

SALT LAKE CITY — Hundreds of unique items and treasures will be sold during an estate sale in the Salt Lake City Avenues neighborhood.

Oscar and Beverly Rowland were actors who lived at 1058 Third Ave. for almost 40 years. The couple owned a gift shop, a restaurant and a grocery store, and during their years together they collected a lot of things.

When the Rowlands died in 2010, their family didn't know quite what to do with the hundreds of unorganized boxes that contained all the items they collected over the years.

“We did contact an estate company, and when they came in and saw the state of things, they said no,” granddaughter Tiffany Morris said.

In July, the Rowlands' grandchildren finally sorted through the boxes.

"It's dirty, hard, sweaty work," Morris said. "But, the fun part about it is, you're unearthing treasures every day. Everything you're looking at is the result of hours and hours of man labor digging them out of boxes."

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The boxes of treasures include old records, jewelry, and kitchen items, an antique piano, vintage clothes with the tags still on them and antique toys. The family doesn't know exactly what the items are worth, although they've tried to price them to see if anything is worth thousands.

"It's terrifying to us," Morris said. "It actually keeps me up at night. There's a lot of stuff here. I'm like, 'What if that's the one thing I don't check on eBay or Google and find some auction record of and somebody (says), 'Nan-a-nan-a-nan, we paid five bucks.'"

The sale begins Friday and goes through Sunday. It starts at 8 a.m. each day.

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