Tom Smart, Deseret News
Fishing on the Provo River below the Jordanelle Reservoir Monday, Sept. 21, 2009, near Heber, Utah. Tom Smart, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologist is proposing several changes for Utah’s 2014 fishing season.

Currently, the daily bag limit and the possession limit are the same. For example, if someone catches four trout (the daily limit at most waters in Utah) and then puts them in a freezer at home, they can’t catch and keep any more trout until they’ve eaten at least one of the fish.

If they eat one fish, they can go out and catch one more. If they eat two fish, they can go out and catch two more. If they eat all four fish, they can go out and catch another four-trout limit.

For 2014, DWR biologists are recommending that the possession limit be twice the daily limit at most of Utah’s fishing waters.

They are also recommending removing the requirement that anglers eat fish they catch at catch-and-kill waters. Ten waters in Utah have catch-and-kill regulations. The regulations require anglers to kill certain species of fish if they catch those fish at the waters.

Utah also has a regulation that does not allow fish to be wasted. Biologists are recommending that the wasting rule be eliminated at catch-and-kill waters. They’re also recommending that the wasting rule not apply to common carp, no matter where in the state the carp were caught.

To comment on the proposed changes, people can send an email to their Regional Advisory Council member. A list can be found at, or they can attend meetings held throughout the state. Dates, time and locations can be found at

The board will meet in Salt Lake City on Nov. 7 to discuss and vote on the rules for Utah's 2014 fishing season.