A 22-month-old girl was in critical condition Tuesday after accidentally being run over by her mother's van.

STANSBURY PARK, Tooele County — A 22-month-old girl was in critical condition Tuesday following a tragic accident outside a day care center.

A mother had just dropped off one of her three children at a day care near 200 E. Cherbourg Lane in Stansbury Park. She set her 22-month-old daughter in the driver's seat and put her 5-year-old in the van, too, while she talked to another mom who was standing behind her vehicle, said Tooele County Sheriff's Sgt. Shandy Lewis.

While they were talking, the 5-year-old apparently took the mother's keys and put them in the van's ignition, Lewis said. He didn't start the vehicle, but was able to put it into neutral so the van began rolling backward, she said.

Everyone behind the vehicle was uninjured, including another infant in a stroller that the mother was able to push out of the way, Lewis said. But the 22-month-old who was in the driver's seat rolled out of the door and was run over by the front of the van. She was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center in critical condition.

"Things can happen in an instant. I would not leave children unattended in a vehicle," Lewis cautioned.

— Pat Reavy