PLEASANT GROVE — A general obligation bond will be voted on by Pleasant Grove citizens on Nov. 5. The funds will finance new police and fire stations, including space for courts and dispatch.

The City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 6 p.m. at 86 E. 100 South. The purpose of the hearing is to receive input from the public on the issuance of the bonds and the potential economic impact that the improvements, facilities or properties financed in whole or in part with the proceeds of the bonds may have on the private sector. The public is invited to attend and participate.

Earlier this month, the City Council voted not to increase the property tax rate for 2013 but to instead place a bond vote on the upcoming municipal election ballot.

The approved amount will not exceed $16.96 million. The estimated impact on a $217,000 home is $8.04 per month — average over the life of the bond.