MURRAY — Mayoral candidate David Wilde has dropped out of the race after finding out that the cancer he was diagnosed with three years ago has spread more rapidly than he had realized.

"It was really unexpected," Wilde said.

Wilde received additional radiation treatment Wednesday and said he's hoping for a miracle. He also said he understands his time may be limited, which is why, after taking with family, doctors and ecclesiastical leaders, he decided to withdraw his candidacy.

"It was a difficult decision," he said.

Wilde finished second in the six-candidate primary election behind Ted Eyre, 37 percent to 23 percent. Jim Brass, who finished third at 22 percent — just 54 votes behind Wilde — will not automatically advance to the general election, according to Salt Lake County Clerk Sherri Swensen.

Under Utah election law, a candidate is required to withdraw 23 days before the primary election, which Wilde did not do. That means Brass would have to file his intent to run as a write-in candidate, something he said he doesn't plan to do.

"I'm satisfied with the outcome of the election," Brass said, adding that he feels "very badly" for Wilde and is "very comfortable" with Eyre.

A potential challenger to Eyre would need to submit their intent to run as a write-in candidate before Sept. 6.