Antoinette Huff relied on faith and pray during a life-or-death confrontation.

Details are emerging that reveal how Antoinette Tuff relied on prayer and God while persuading a man armed with an AK-47 into surrendering to police before he could harm any students or staff Tuesday at an elementary school in Georgia.

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“The school bookkeeper is passing on the credit to God, revealing in a recent interview how she had been praying not only for herself but also for the gunman who had taken her hostage during the frightening ordeal,” Nicola Menzie reported for the Christian Post. “… Tuff told (a) local news station that she was able to stay calm because of what she had been learning from her pastor at church. ‘My pastor, he just started this teaching on anchoring, and how you anchor yourself in the Lord. I just sat there and started praying.’ ”

Reporting about the same interview Tuff gave to Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV, the Washington Post’s Max Ehrenfreund summarized, “(Tuff) said she prayed for the gunman during the crisis, and credited God with helping her maintain her composure. ‘I give it all to God. I’m not the hero. I was terrified,’ she said.”