Stephan Savoia, Associated Press
In this Nov. 7, 2012, file photo, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney waves to supporters at an election night rally in Boston, where he conceded the race to President Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney may be a private citizen, but his travels are still generating press coverage.

Last week the 2012 Republican presidential nominee and four of his friends fished for trout in Alaska at an exclusive location called Secret Lake. After six hours of fishing, Romney had nothing to show for his efforts except rain-soaked clothing and at least one bad joke from his fishing guide.

“(Romney) didn't catch any fish,” the Associated Press reported. “But his fishing guide, Tom Skultka, says Romney had a good time and ‘was pretty talkative.’ … Skultka says he jokingly told Romney all politicians have to sit at the back of the plane. He says Romney smiled politely.”

A photo of Romney and Skultka is available on the YourAlaskaLink website.

New York Magazine’s Dan Amira wrote about Romney’s fishing expedition, mining an article from the Ketchican Daily News (subscription required) for information about Romney’s bodyguard: “Skultka, who carries a .44 Magnum when traveling with clients, said the bodyguard, who is Scottish, noticed Skultka was armed and the two began collaborating toward ‘keeping our celebrity client safe,’ he said.”

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