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Walnut Springs Press
"A Circle of Sisters" is a compilation of stories from Mormon women.

A CIRCLE OF SISTERS: Inspirational Stories from Latter-day Saint Women” by JoLyn Brown, Walnut Springs Press, $14.99, 161 pages (nf)

“A Circle of Sisters: Inspirational Stories from Latter-day Saint Women” is a wonderful compilation by JoLyn Brown of 50 short stories sure to uplift and inspire readers. Like pieces of a patchwork quilt, these stories and the women that penned them are individually beautiful. Stitched together within the covers of this book, they combine to make an even greater, more beautiful whole.

These are stories of love, service, faith and devotion from the lives of women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While the women that share these stories are all LDS, they are also a very diverse group. They are young and old, single and married — women with many children and those who are childless, lifelong members of the LDS Church and newly converted.

Because these stories have such different origins, they touch on a variety of subjects and themes, including death, trials and tribulations, insecurities and doubts. There are tales of loneliness and despair along with empathy and compassion.

By compiling stories from such varied women and topics, Brown has produced a finished product that should have a wide range of appeal. Practically every reader can find at least one or two relatable stories. The stories are short — most of them only a page or two long. This is a quick, easy, yet pleasurable read.

“A Circle of Sisters” is filled from cover to cover with inspirational, heartwarming stories. The personal experiences and insights shared can help readers to feel that they are not alone. Whether they choose to read one story or a dozen, they are sure to be left feeling encouraged and uplifted.

Brown describes herself as an aspiring author. She is a member of the LDS Church and lives in Utah with her husband and son.

Sandra Nazar lives, writes and blogs in Oklahoma with her husband and five children. She blogs at www.sincerelysandra.net