This Mormon single young woman isn't feeling the love from the men in her ward. Are they just blowing her off? Or do they have legitimate concerns?

Dear Angela,

The last Latter-day Saint guy that I asked out gave me the response, "No, sorry, I don't date girls in my ward boundaries, in case things get messy." Do you, and others, think this is a real concern? Or did he just not like me and this was his way of blowing me off?


Lookin' for Love

Dear Lookin' for Love,

It's a good idea to take what he said at face value — meaning: if he says he doesn't want to date within the ward boundaries, believe him. There's no reason for you to internalize his response and assume it means anything negative about you.

I think it's fine to date within your ward, there are a lot of opportunities to meet great men. But, that's just my personal opinion, and not everyone feels that way.

With that said, what is ultimately significant is that for whatever reason, he said no.

Whether it's the ward boundaries, his work schedule, or the fact that his favorite TV show is on tonight, he's declined your invitation — no matter, still plenty of fish in the sea.



Readers: Have you had good or bad experiences dating other people in your ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? What advice would you give Lookin' for Love?

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Angela Trusty is a young adult advice columnist. Twitter: angelatrusty