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Ravell Call, Deseret News
The Rockport fire in Rockport, Summit County, flares up Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 14, 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah State Insurance Commission is offering assistance on how to deal with property loss for Utahns affected by wildfires.

"Anyone with an insured property claim should contact their insurance agent or company immediately," said State Insurance Commissioner Todd Kiser. "Be sure the company adjuster knows how to contact you and how to get to your home/cabin, or other property that has been damaged or destroyed by the fire."

The commission offered several tips on what to do immediately following the disaster:

Once residents gain access to their property, take pictures of the damage if it looks like the adjuster will be delayed.

Make sure the address is visible. Residents may have to spray-paint the address onto a sheet of plywood and put it in view of the road so the adjuster can find it.

If residents are not going to be there, they should let the adjuster know how to contact them.

Do not dispose of property until an insurance adjuster has reviewed it.

Save all receipts.

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Avoid insurance adjusters and contractors who do not have a valid Utah license or use high-pressure tactics and require large deposits.

The commission also encouraged residents to make sure they have adequate insurance coverage. They should record an inventory of all possessions and store a copy of the inventory at a separate location.

For more information, visit insurance.utah.gov/auto-home/disaster-preparedness.php. For questions about claims and coverage, contact the State Insurance Department at 800-439-3805 or email prop-cas.uid@utah.gov.