Following the tremendous feedback the Deseret News received for last week's infographic charting BYU, Utah and USU's defensive rankings from 1999-2012, we follow it up this week with an expanded look at how BYU, Utah and USU's offenses have fared since the year 2000.

We took a look back at three statistics — national total offensive ranking, yards per game and touchdowns per season — and charted them. We also did something new for yards per game and touchdowns — we calculated each team's average and put them in the charts as well. Production for the overall No. 1 team's offense can also be seen in this chart.

As with last week, take note! The values for rankings in the first chart are negative. A mark higher in the chart is indicative of a better offensive ranking.

As to whether BYU, Utah or USU was best, however, in any of these years is entirely up for debate.

Landon Hemsley is the sports web producer for Email: [email protected].