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Gary Blake
A baby moose sits on a lawn with its mother, after the baby was trapped in a home window well in Park City Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013. Local law enforcement agencies worked together to rescue the baby.

JEREMY RANCH, Summit County — A baby moose was rescued after being trapped in a window well.

Jackie Blake filmed a moose cow and her two calves munching on foliage in the area, Saturday. They returned at 9:30 p.m. Saturday to sleep in the backyard.

Sunday morning, Blake awoke to a surprise.

"I heard this little baby crying and just followed the voice until I saw her nose or his nose sticking out of the window well," Blake said.

One of the calves was trapped in her neighbor's window well, had broken the window and cut its leg.

"The moose was really making a lot of noise and looking sad and crying," husband Gary Blake said.

Officials initially wanted to tranquillize the 150 to 200 pound calf, but decided to tie ropes around the three-month-old animal and lift it out of the window.

Once free, the calf ran to its mom and twin that were standing nearby.

The residents say they see moose every day, from Bull Moose to mothers and single babies and twins.

Jeremy Ranch is a habitat for moose, and homeowners have learned to accommodate the animals, according to wildlife officials.

"Every time you see a moose, even if you see 'em twice a day, it's just as amazing every time you see one. They're enormous, they're beautiful," Jackie Blake said.

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