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Courtesy Utah athletic media relations
Mark Stevens (1983)

The journey from WAC-also-ran to BCS buster and finally to a member of the Pac-12 has been a long and arduous one for the University of Utah football team. The roller-coaster ride the Utes have endured over the last 35 years includes six coaches and a lot of tough seasons.

It has also included a few great teams and a number of very talented quarterbacks. This list ranks the best of those quarterbacks — the ones who were a huge part of the Utes finding their way to the top of the national rankings and a home in one of the most prestigious conferences in the country.

The rankings are based solely on what each quarterback did while at the University of Utah and not what they did in the NFL.

Here are the 10 greatest quarterbacks for the Utes over the last 35 years.

Note: Each player's stats include bowl games

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