In light of the recent news that congressmen often have a better retirement than most Americans, here's a list of some of the other careers with the most stable retirement plans.

A study by has caused quite a stir among the general public, and possibly some headaches among those in the public sector.

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As the Deseret News recently reported, Bankrate reported that the average congressman retires more comfortably than most Americans. In fact, many Americans aren't ready for retirement at all. A study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute conducted this year showed that only 66 percent of all Americans have begun saving for retirement. That leaves 34 percent of American workers without any retirement savings.

Among those who are saving, retirement plans provided by their employers are often the largest helps to their future financial security.

In light of Bankrate's assessment of elected representatives, the Deseret News has compiled a list of some of the best jobs, both public and private, when it comes to retirement security.

Find out the best careers for a secure retirement here.

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