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"Abby's Miracle" is the memoir of Michelle Lambert Doman about her daughter's heart transplant.

Editor's note: A complicated adoption in a foreign country, a wife with cancer, a daughter who needs a heart transplant and a mother motivated to run after a stilborn child are struggles four Utahns share in their recently released memoirs. Here is a review of one of the memoirs.

"ABBY'S MIRACLE," by Michelle Doman, Vervante, $15.95, 230 pages (nf)

"Abby's Miracle" is a true memoir detailing the events of an 11-year-old girl who one day went to school feeling healthy and spry, but in just seconds was in a hospital bed hearing doctors describe a heart condition that required a transplant.

The story, told by mother Michelle Doman, tells of the touching experiences the St. George family endures as they wait for the "perfect heart" to ease Abby's pain and try to beat the clock before Abby's heart gets any worse.

The family of four, including Doman's children Britt, Brock and Abby, originates from St. George. This location becomes crucial as Abby had to be flown to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City. This prime location makes it easier to manage family logistics, as well, as Doman's other two children continue to attend school in St. George.

"Abby's Miracle" is a compilation of blog posts that Doman wrote throughout the crisis, as well as commentary now as she looks back and reflects on her experiences. She describes her transition from being a mother to adding the roles of a nurse, caretaker and eventually writer.

Through the crisis, the Doman family leans on their faith as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Doman describes the support from friends, family and even strangers as they wait for the heart, then recover from the outcome of the surgery.

The book does not include any violence, profanity or crude scenes. Some of the material is poorly edited. To learn more about Abby Doman and her experiences, visit