Salt Lake County Jail
Kevin Russell Humphreys, 33

DRAPER — Police have arrested a man suspected of raiding residents' mailboxes to get at their personal information.

Kevin Russell Humphreys, 33, was booked for investigation of theft and mail fraud Thursday morning.

A credit card, Social Security card and checkbook belonging to different people were found in Humphrey's West Valley City apartment, along with a small amount of methamphetamine, according to a probable cause statement from the arrest.

A search of court records revealed Humphreys has been charged multiple times this year with several felony counts of identity fraud, unlawful possession of financial transaction cards, obtaining multiple identifying documents of another person, forgery and shoplifting.

But with Humphreys behind bars, residents worry they are still at risk.

One woman who asked not be identified because of safety concerns said someone stole a credit card out of her mailbox and contacted the credit card company, changing passwords and other personal information.

"When they ran up these charges on our credit card, they were doing background checks," she said, "and so I'm very nervous about what kind of information they're digging for on us or other people who are also victims."

Another Draper resident who did not want to be identified said someone withdrew thousands of dollars from his bank account, using checks stolen from his mailbox on Aug. 1.

In Bluffdale, police have stepped up patrols after at least four reported cases of mailbox theft in the city.

Bluffdale resident Jared Knight said his son attempted to chase down someone he saw going through the family's mailbox.

"He just looked out to see what he was doing and noticed he was in our mailbox, funneling through the papers, through the mail, and then going to the next mailbox," Knight said.

Bluffdale police are trying to extract a license plate number from video a neighbor shot of the car.

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Draper police are working with other agencies dealing with similar investigations, including the U.S. Postal Service. Officials warn residents to retrieve their mail as quickly as possible after it is delivered and to take outgoing mail to the post office.

Police are also asking residents who see anyone loitering in their neighborhood to report it and to take down a description of the person, as well as information about the vehicle's make, model, color and license plate number.

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