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Shara Park, Deseret News
An 18-month-old Provo girl was accidentally run over and killed near her driveway on Thursday Aug. 8, 2013, by her father.

PROVO — An 18-month-old Provo girl was killed Thursday after she was accidentally run over near her driveway.

The accident happened about 8:20 p.m. The girl's father was moving his SUV and trailer from the front curb to the side of his house, according to Provo police. The trailer was filled with concrete and dirt.

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The young girl was with other children on the front porch of the house when she apparently walked away unnoticed, said Provo Police Lt. Mathew Siufanua. The mother thought the toddler was with the father and the father thought she was with the mother.

As the father pulled the vehicle and trailer forward, he felt a bump but didn't think anything of it at the time because of the rocky yard he was driving on, Siufanua said. The child, who was run over by one of the trailer wheels, was found deceased a short time later by the mother.

Provo police said victim advocates were sent to the house Thursday night to assist the family in dealing with the tragedy.