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PROVO — BYU athletics announced a uniform change for the 2013 football season Thursday afternoon, then quickly backed away from the decision.

Via their Twitter account, BYU Athletics announced that players' names would not appear on the backs of their jerseys. Rather, the words "Tradition," "Spirit" and "Honor" would adorn the space above the numbers.

Early results came in swift and certain — nearly no one liked the change.

Later in the evening, Bronco Mendenhall announced on his own personal Twitter feed that the team would use the Cougar football motto for the Homecoming game on Oct. 12 against Georgia Tech only and would use player names for the remainder of the season.

Earlier this month, the Cougars announced another game in which their uniforms will be different than normal. On Aug. 1, BYU announced that on Sept. 21, the Cougars will be wearing their royal blue alternative uniforms for the BYU-Utah game.

Today's announcement was not first about BYU's football uniforms this year, though it was most definitely the most unpopular. Throughout the afternoon and early evening, quick and decisive judgment was passed on BYU's announcement through social media. The commentary was almost universally unanimous. Nearly all agreed the choice is a bad idea.

Just as the commentary was unanimous that the decision to place Cougar football's slogan on the jerseys was a bad idea, fans and former players nearly universally voiced their opinions the reversal was a good idea.

The social media firestorm of commentary involved everyone from former BYU football players to local media to the average fan. Here are some of the more notable and entertaining reactions.

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