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Peyton and Eli Manning are no strangers to television hilarity. Now they have taken it up a notch.

The brothers rap their way through a digital advertisement for a new DirecTV feature allowing customers to watch NFL football on their smartphones.

In the video, the Manning brothers are dressed as one would expect the Mannings to dress if they were professional artists. Eli is sporting a permanent fro not unlike Justin Timberlake's once-upon-a-time do, and Peyton's get-up ranks somewhere between David Bowie and Tom Cruise.

For those who are unaware how to use this new product, the Mannings instruct. Football on your phone is suitable when on a date with Simone, when taking out a small loan, when on your throne or when buttering a scone. It's also a completely valid excuse for mistakenly (or purposefully) spilling milk on someone else's shirt, or at least that's what the video says.

Viewers beware — you won't be able to get the tune out of your head after you watch the video. Fair warning.

This is hardly the first time Peyton and Eli Manning have done something funny for television, though it is one of the few Internet-only endeavors the brothers have pursued.

Peyton Manning especially has done a number of television spots, advertising MasterCard, Sprint, Buick, Papa John's Pizza and Gatorade, among others. His stint with MasterCard has been quite extensive — he was involved in more than 10 individual Mastercard advertisements, all of which were short, 30-second spots.

For his part, Eli Manning spent a lot of time with Toyota, but he has done far fewer commercials than his older brother.

Here is a compilation of the top 10 Manning commercials of all time.

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