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Large haystacks and a shed near 3500 West and 3300 South in West Haven were left to burn after a neighbor's controlled burn caught them on fire Aug. 2, 2013.

WEST HAVEN, Weber County — A hay barn here was smoldering into the night after a grass fire set it ablaze Friday afternoon.

When crews arrived at the barn near 3500 West and 3300 South, they found three large haystacks fully engulfed in flames, said Weber Fire District Capt. Joe Wadsworth.

The fire was started by a neighbor who was burning grain stubble in an adjoining field and lost control of the flames, Wadsworth said. The neighbor had taken appropriate precautions to keep the fire from crossing the fence line, but something carried it into the nearby haystacks.

Several hundred bales of hay were left to burn, along with an open-sided shed that protected the hay, for an estimated loss between $10,000 and $15,000, Wadsworth said.

"The decision was made between the homeowner and the fire department to let the fire burn itself out rather than using thousands upon thousands of gallons of water," he said.